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Plumbing Apprenticeships in the UK

learn a new trade with a modern apprenticeship

As you are probably well aware plumbing is an exciting and also a very rewarding career choice and is in fact one of the last trades that offers job security, as someone somewhere always requires the expert skills that comes…

Water Regulations Certificate, BPEC/WRAS Level 1

plumbing water regulations

About the course The bulk of the work that’s on offer to plumbers and also plumbing companies is much greater if they are registered as “approved contractors” and these are the ones that local authorities, housing associations and building contractors…

UK Plumbing Qualifications Explained

plumbing qualifications

You’ve decided to become a plumber, you know what course to do, now let us explain in more detail about the qualifications that you will need to become a fully qualified plumber. In order to become a fully qualified plumber…

Plumbing Courses in the UK

plumbing courses

So you’ve made the decision to become a plumber, that’s great news, plumbing is a very exciting and rewarding career choice but deciding to be a plumber is just the beginning and your probably a bit confused or unsure as…