Water Regulations Certificate, BPEC/WRAS Level 1

About the course

The bulk of the work that’s on offer to plumbers and also plumbing companies is much greater if they are registered as “approved contractors” and these are the ones that local authorities, housing associations and building contractors tend to offer work to. There are many reasons for this including professional standards that are required and also installation work is under strict scrutiny.

This is why BPEC has created a learning package that aims to give plumbers “approved contractor status” so that they too have a chance of getting job offers. It’s also aimed at students who may have a limited knowledge on cold and hot water systems and also for those who install and also design water systems in a variety of buildings.

So what will the WRAS training course do for me?

Well the course will enable you to become familiar with all the content within the Water fittings/ supply regulations that came about in 1999.

You’ll know how to put the regulations into practice.
You’ll learn of the original laws underpinning the regulations.
You’ll gain a greater understanding of the documents that are there to enhance and also explain each law, especially the regulations specification and the Water regulations Guide.

Once you have successfully completed the water regulation course you’ll be able to self certify your work and also have the bonus of being able to work for plumbing companies and organizations as an “approved contractor” getting good quality work should get much easier.

Also by completing the course plumbers will approved by the Water Advisory Scheme which is the UK Water industry Scheme and they will regard those who pass this course as being of the highest standard regarding work carried out.

Who does the course best suit?

The course is perfect for those who want to join a competent person scheme and for those who want to pick up more lucrative work from a range of organizations including housing associations, local authorities, insurance companies and also social housing groups. Plumbers who are members of the scheme will have to ensure that their work that they have installed complies with all the regulations.

Once you have successfully gained your certificate you will not have to notify the local authority when you carry out work, those without the certificate will have to notify the local authority. The water companies will compile a list of all approved contractors for the general public to use.

What standards will I gain?

A certificate of competency will be issued once you successfully complete your course. The BPEC Water Regulations training package is ideally suited for short training and assessment courses. The certificate will be jointly issued by the Water regulations Advisory Service (WRAS).

What units are covered in the course?

You will be provided with an introductory booklet within your training package. Also are your 12 manuals or sometimes called study units and also you’ll find a support document for you to use as reference.

The 12 manuals consist of:

  • The water regulations
  • Legislation, introduction and background
  • Requirements for water fittings
  • Materials and substances in contact with water
  • Installation commissioning
  • Water system design
  • Black flow prevention
  • Cross connection
  • WCs and urinals
  • Hot water services
  • Cold water services
  • Sanitary appliances and water for outdoor usage.

The assessment will be of two multi choice question papers, the first question paper will be based on your training package and will include the manuals you’ve been working on and the second paper will be a practical test which will involve you watching a video and then you having to spot and also identify contraventions of the laws, once completed you’ll receive a BPEC/Water Regulations Advisory (WRAS) certificate.

Well that’s about it really as you can see getting this certificate will be of great benefit to you and will get you good quality jobs working for companies and organisations and you can self certify you own work. Good luck to you!